[Spambayes] Re: How to recover spam to a specific ham folder

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Fri Nov 26 05:53:43 CET 2004

> What I can see though is that all emails first show up in the 
> main entrance folder, then they are being further processed: 
> Outlook rules move them to the appropriate subfolders, 
> Spambayes checks for ham/spam status and moves them to the 
> corresponding folders (spam or unsure
> messages) if necessary. An explanation for the problem could 
> be, if Spambayes comes before Outlook, it moves the emails 
> from the main folder to the spam folder or to the unsure 
> messages folder, an undo would just put them back into the 
> main folder.

If background filtering is enabled (it is by default), then SpamBayes tries
to run after all Outlook rules (you can adjust the values - Advanced tab of
the Manager dialog - to ensure that this is the case).

> I changed my Spymbayes configuration and took out the main 
> folder as ham folder, so Spambayes can only operate on the 
> subfolders. Now it should restore correctly, because now it 
> knows the subfolder an email came from. But Spambayes doesn't 
> do as exspected: An email with target subfolder B and moved 
> by Spambayes to the spam folder is recovered to subfolder A 
> (the first one in Spambayes' ham folder list).

This is very odd.  If SpamBayes can't figure out which folder to restore to
(i.e. if the error is printed to the log), then it should try to put it in
what Outlook thinks is the default inbox, which I presume would be the main
folder, and not subfolder A.

Now that you've made the change and the main folder isn't in the watched
folders list, do you get an error printed in your log (the troubleshooting
guide explains where that is) saying "Error locating origin of message"?

If you do get the error, then the problem is with (a) saving/retrieving the
original folder info and (b) subfolder A being returned as the default

If you do not get the error, then the problem must be with saving the
original folder info - i.e. SpamBayes is saving subfolder A as the original
folder, rather than subfolder B.  If that is the case, are there any
additional Outlook rules running on either subfolder?


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