[Spambayes] Msg for Tony about earlier problems.

Robert Neuschul robert at imagine.co.uk
Fri Nov 26 08:59:59 CET 2004


In article <ECBA357DDED63B4995F5C1F5CBE5B1E8FBCA74 at its-xchg4.massey.ac.nz>, 
Tony Meyer wrote:
> This is similar to the problem that some people have where their anti-virus
> software finds viruses in the cache directories.  I can't think of any way
> to work around this, though, other than manually telling the AV software
> that it's not a problem (as you describe).

What I'd really like is for the AV to be able to proxy the proxy :-)

IOW, I'd like SB to be able to pass the mail directly to the AV in memory in 
real-time before it even hits the disk: if the item is infected it gets 
dumped by SB [pipe to dev/null or w.h.y.] without further inspection and with 
nothing even appearing in the SB training/cache etc. If the item is clean it 
goes on to normal SB processing: that way the cache and DB would always be 
clean and wouldn't need exclusions in any AV config.
It would place a heck of a load on the AV being robust and reliable, but it 
would cut the load on SB processing.
I'm sure I could spend a day or so messing with some real-time AV processing 
and get something like that to work, but there are other things in my life 
right now :-)


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