[Spambayes] Unable to Access SpamBayes Browser Interface Usingsb_imapfilter.py

Keith Russell usr7-28hl at xemaps.com
Mon Nov 29 07:45:31 CET 2004

Thanks very much for the reply, Tony.

Tony Meyer wrote:

> If you mean that you want to stop trying to figure out what's wrong and move
> onto something else, then I understand.  The 'related' page on our website
> links to various other filters that all should work very well -
> unfortunately I'm not familiar enough with them to know which work with IMAP
> - I gather POPfile has experimental IMAP support, so maybe that would be a
> good choice.

I guess I intended a double meaning. I've considered POPfile, but 
IMAP is still very experimental, and much more difficult to 
install than SpamBayes' IMAP support. And while I like POPFile, 
there are a couple of things about SpamBayes I prefer.

So as long as I can continue to get help, I'm willing to stick 
with it, and possibly make a contribution to the development 
effort, as well.

> <http://spambayes.org/related.html>
> If this is the case, then you can ignore the rest of this.

No way! :-)

> Maybe you have mailman set to avoid sending you copies of messages that
> include you in the recipient list (this is the default, I believe), but for
> some reason (bad reply address?) you aren't getting the remaining one?  You
> can go into your mailman settings (the link to that is at the end of each
> message) and alter that; maybe that will help.

Thanks. I'll check my settings. But I did get this latest message 
of yours.

>>I also noticed that a message displays saying, "User interface url 
>>is http://localhost:8880". I don't get this with sb_imapfilter.py. 
>>Should I?
> Yes, you should.
> This is quite strange.  The problem must be with imapfilter since sb_server
> works, but imapfilter does almost nothing when -c or -t aren't used.  The
> process doesn't stop (right?) so it's either hanging or running after
> failing to register the web interface.

No, it doesn't stop. The last thing I see (in verbose mode) is 

> Can you try the attached sb_imapfilter.py script and tell me what the output
> is?  I've added various debugging prints.

Thanks for this. Here's what I get:

 >sb_imapfilter.py -b
SpamBayes IMAP Filter Version 0.5 (November 2004)
and engine SpamBayes Engine Version 0.3 (January 2004).

XXX Serving web interface

 >sb_imapfilter.py -b -v
SpamBayes IMAP Filter Version 0.5 (November 2004)
and engine SpamBayes Engine Version 0.3 (January 2004).

Loading database C:\...\SpamBayes\Proxy\hammie.db...
Loading state from c:\...\SpamBayes\Proxy\hammie.db database
c:\...\SpamBayes\Proxy\hammie.db is an existing database, with 0
spam and 0 ham
XXX Serving web interface

Thanks again for your help.


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