[Spambayes] Unable to Access SpamBayes BrowserInterfaceUsingsb_imapfilter.py

Keith Russell usr7-28hl at xemaps.com
Tue Nov 30 05:45:12 CET 2004

Tony Meyer wrote:
> I suspect that the fix in your case is to open
> your configuration file (probably C:\Documents and
> Settings\{username}\Application Data\Proxy\bayescustomize.ini)

This threw me for a second, because I couldn't find this path. 
It's actually C:\Documents and
Data\SpamBayes\Proxy\bayescustomize.ini :-)

> and add in
> these lines:
> [imap]
> use_ssl:True
> (If there's already an [imap] section, you can just add the use_ssl line
> under that).

There was an IMAP section, with four entry lines, including 
"use_ssl:False". I changed it to "True", and FINALLY, SUCCESS!

Thank you very much. Now I can get back to actually configuring 
and testing it, and see if I can make it work!


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