[Spambayes] deleted my junk suspects folder, now messed up

Kenny Pitt kennypitt at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 30 14:08:37 CET 2004

See FAQ 3.13:
This happens quite regularly because Outlook makes it all too easy to
accidentally delete the entire folder instead of just the messages in it.
Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent the folders from being deleted.
If you use Outlook 2003, you can set Outlook's "Junk E-mail" folder as your
SpamBayes spam folder and Outlook will not let this folder be deleted, but
there is still nothing you can do except be careful with your suspects
Kenny Pitt


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OK, I accidentally deleted my junk suspects box, now it says its not
configured correctly and our computer person is out until Monday.  Any help?
I tried things on my own but nothing seems to work.  Can you make the junk
and junk suspects folders where you can't delete the  without being


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