[Spambayes] Spambayes / Outlook -- display/update error

Tom Elliott tselliott at Striglos.com
Fri Oct 1 18:27:43 CEST 2004

It's definitely a refresh issue, but it's not XP/SP2 related. I've seen
it on Win2k machines.

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My guess is the display refresh issue is related, somehow, to WinXP/SP2.
I had not seen the problem prior XP/SP2.

The cached mode of Outlook appears to solve it, however.

I've not installed any Exchange patches (lately); I'm unfortunately
responsible for that system, too.  We have other Exchange issues caused
by installing, under guidance from Microsoft (two 5 hour phone calls),
"the latest service pack and a couple of hot fixes."  But, I digress, my
apologies to all.

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> In non-cached mode, all status information comes from
> the Exchange server. There has been some speculation
> that SP2 may be blocking some notification messages from
> the Exchange server that would normally tell Outlook
> that it should refresh its display.

I'm not convinced that this is the cause (or if it is, I believe there
is also another one) because I have occasionally seen this problem here,
and I am not using SP2.

My suspicion is that it is Exchange's fault.  Either Exchange is getting
too busy, or it's the result of some minor update to Exchange (I don't
have any contact with my Exchange administrators, so have no idea when
they install updates).

It is very difficult to think of anything that SpamBayes can do to help,

=Tony Meyer

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