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Michael K. Schummers mikes at members-insurance.com
Tue Oct 5 17:34:59 CEST 2004

I am pursuing a bit of a different question. I am a happy, long time user of
SpamBayes. In addition to SpamBayes, I am also using NEO Pro - an Outlook
extension that helps me with categorizing/indexing email. Explicitly, the
two do not interact (and shouldn't). The one issue that I am pursuing is
that the SpamBayes toolbar in not available in NEO. The NEO toolbars are
very similiar to the Outlook toolbars but extended in function. I have been
searching to see "where" the SpamBayes unique toolbar is stored/saved to see
if there is any way I may be able to pull this function into the NEO
toolbars but have not seen anything in the Help/Troubleshooting/WIKI files
that give me any help. In NEO, I get a customize function on the toolbars
that is VERY similiar to Outlook (virtually identical) but I have not been
able to find the SpamBayes toolbar or any of the specific button functions.
I am running the current Spambayes Outlook plugin with XP SP2 and don't have
any access to NEO code so I am limited to what I can accomplish through the
"normal" user UI.

Can anyone give me any clue about how to accomplish this or tell me that it
just can't be done? It seems possible but I haven't been able to put the
pieces together. The reason for wanting to pull this off is to avoid having
to switch from NEO to Outlook to process any misclassified email (a bit of a
pain but not earth shattering). Thanks in advance for any help or guidance.

Michael K. Schummers
mikes at members-insurance.com

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