[Spambayes] Some details that could be better

Otto, Michael Michael.Otto at NielsenMedia.com
Thu Oct 7 15:32:04 CEST 2004

Thanks for responding, Tony

Yes, I am getting spam with spam score over 90% placed into the "! Spam"
folder, and possible spams are going into my "! Maybe spam" folder.
These are the folders which have the spambayes toolbar.

I am getting the "Recover from Spam" button on the SB toolbar in the "!
Maybe Spam" folder, but in the "! Spam" folder, I only see the "Delete
as spam" button, which is obviously inappropriate.

I see in the log (see snippet below) that it failed to create the
toolbar and had to add the toolbar.  This could be related:

The entire log is attached.

Please advise



FAILED to add the toolbar item 'SpamBayesCommand.Manager' -
(-2147352567, 'Exception occurred.', (0, None, None, None, 0,
-2147467259), None)
The above toolbar message is common - recreating the toolbar...

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> But now I find that the Spambayes toolbar is stuck on "Delete 
> as spam", with no option to "Recover from Spam" button 
> appearing in either the "Maybe Spam" or "Spam" folders.

Could you check that the right folder is definitely selected for these
(Or, to answer the same question - are unsures/spam arriving in those

If that doesn't help, then please change the verbosity of the log to at
least 2 (SpamBayes Manager->Advanced->Diagnostics), select the "Maybe
and "Spam" folders, and send us a copy of the log (the troubleshooting
explains where to find the log).

=Tony Meyer

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