[Spambayes] Spambayes Qpopper question

Richie Hindle richie at entrian.com
Thu Oct 7 17:31:10 CEST 2004

> Sometimes (not always) when my email cleint (Eudora 6.1.2 or Outlook 
> Express 6) checks mail from the Spambayes proxy the client gets hung up. 
> When I tell the email client to bypass the Spambyes proxy it picks up mail 
> just fine. When I look at /var/log/maillog for Qpopper (On the Ultra 10) I 
> see that I am getting a "I/O error flushing output to client" message and 
> it references the Spambayes proxy.

I've never seen this before.  You can get more information by turning on
POP3 logging for sb_server - add:


to bayescustomize.ini and it will create a log file called _pop3proxy.log
containing the POP3 conversation.  That might give some more clues as to
what's going on.

Richie Hindle
richie at entrian.com

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