[Spambayes] Hiding the New Mail Icon

Jones Allen Allen.Jones at vpgroup.com
Thu Oct 7 23:39:03 CEST 2004

I read all the comments in the Feature Request #774978. I don't have logon
account, so I'm sending my comments this way.
It seems that you are able to remove the envelope icon if you want, but you
don't know when to do that. 
May I suggest the following approach: As SpamBayes reads the folders it
knows about, if it finds at least one ham email, it should leave the icon
alone. If it does not find at least one ham message, then it should remove
the icon. Allow users to enable or disable this feature, so if they have
some complicated rule structure or folders that are not scanned by
SpamBayes, then they can choose whether or not to let SpamBayes control the
I think this would work for most users. At least it would for me: I have
SpamBayes configured to scan my Inbox only. At worst, they would be left
with the operation as it is.
Also, last but not least, thank you for a very good spam solution!
Allen Jones
VantagePoint Systems, Inc.
T: 604-685-4209 x 243 
F: 604-685-4186
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