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If anything, the impact of Spambayes ought to be less noticeable with a slow connection, since the load it produces would be less likely to have an impact on the actual transmission speed. An exception would be if you're talking to an Exchange server, because moving a message to the spam folder might involve a transmission back over the line. You can prevent that by putting your spam folders in a local .pst file instead of on the server (which would be the default). 


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Hi there....great software!! Wondering if Spambayes can be turned off under certain conditions. I occasionally need to access our network and e-mail through a dial-up connection to send or receive an e-mail or two. This connection is sometimes very slow, 28.8 and slower. Spambayes starts immediately when Outlook opens....while it is working it is a slow process to send and/or receive e-mail over 28.8. It would be great to have an option of stopping (temporarily) Spambayes until one could get to a fast network connection.


Ron Goruk 
Campbell River, B.C. 

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