[Spambayes] uncomfortable pauses with outlook plugin...

Warren 'Llama' Ernst warren at warrenernst.com
Fri Oct 15 19:49:03 CEST 2004

An update:

I retrained the database on around 1000 items of Ham and Spam each, 
after deleting the old databases. Thus far, performance is dramatically 
improved, BUT TO BE FAIR, I've went on the road about two days after I 
did the retraining, so I've only used Outlook/SpamBayes for around an 
hour after the retraining occurred.

I'm heading home now (well, not NOW), and will be observing the speed 
extensively this weekend.

I'll report back if there are any problems.


On Oct 14, 2004, at 9:57 PM, Tony Meyer wrote:

>> Thanks for the replies. When I disable incremental training,
>> moving items is instantaneous. All the folders are on a local
>> hard drive's PST file.
> Sounds like it is SpamBayes, then.
>> My database has 1185 good messages ate 2077 spam - I don't
>> know if this is large or not, since I don't see other
>> people's databases.
> Fairly medium, I would say.  Shouldn't be the cause.  Shouldn't be a 
> case of
> the weird new database slowdown, either.  Odd!
>> So, with that said, I'll retrain the database and see what that does.
>> If there's a problem, I'll touch base.
> Great, thanks :)  I'll assume that retraining fixed it if we don't hear
> back.
> =Tony Meyer
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> This
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