[Spambayes] Can't connect from remote server

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Sun Oct 17 03:02:51 CEST 2004

> whenever I try to connect (for eg, using) telnet 110
> SpamBayes accepts the connection and then immediately prints: 
> -ERR Connection not allowed
> Is there some option I need to enable in my configuration 
> file to tell SpamBayes to allow non-local connections to the 
> mail port?

Yes (this is for security reasons).  Go to the Advanced Options page of the
web interface, and towards the end are the appropriate options "Allowed
remote connections".  A bug (of sorts) with the current release means that
the three options (POP connections, SMTP connections, HTTP connections) are
identically labelled - the first one is HTTP, the next POP, then the last
SMTP.  You probably want the same value in each, anyway, however.

You can change them from "localhost" to "*" to allow connections from
anywhere, or (better) put (eg) "localhost," in to just allow the
two machines.

=Tony Meyer

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