[Spambayes] installing new version of Outlook PI

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Fri Oct 22 02:10:16 CEST 2004

> If 'changing my email store' is something I manually 
> have to do, then no, I didn't do that either.

Weird.  I have no idea what would have caused this to happen, then.  (By
changing your store, I meant using a new "Personal Data File" (pst), or
something like that).

> I have a backup of my SpamBayes stuff 
> default_bayes_customize.ini
> default_bayes_database.db
> default_message_database.db
> Outlook.ini
> from the previous version, can I copy these files to 
> the proper location?
> C:\Documents and Settings\Sanderss\Application 
> Data\SpamBayes
> If so, which files? Just the default_bayes_database.db 
> file? That's the one that's kinda big 664KB

The two *.db files.  You don't need the default_bayes_customize.ini one, and
the Outlook.ini one has your configuration, which you've already set up to
be correct.  You should be able to just drop the two *.db files in (when
Outlook isn't running) replacing the new ones.

=Tony Meyer

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