[Spambayes] Outlook 2003 refresh issue?

Harold Vandeventer Harold.Vandeventer at dpra.com
Fri Oct 22 17:45:00 CEST 2004

As a follow-up, I installed SB rc2 on my WinXP/SP2/Outlook 2003-Exchange
Cached mode PC; I was earlier running rc1. My PC did not experience the
problem on rc1, and rc2 works just fine, too.

The other PC I've tested with, same config except Outlook is NOT in
cached mode continues to present refresh problems MOST of the time.
Just moments ago, the Delete as SPAM resulted in a proper screen
refresh, and about 30 seconds later a Delete as SPAM did NOT refresh.  A
successful refresh is rare, however.  My conclusion: a phase of the moon
issue. <VBG>.

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> Any news on this issue (clicking delete and outlook not 
> reflecting this until you click away)?

Not as far as I know.  I don't think any of the developers experience
and it's not at all clear what it causing it, or if it is even SpamBayes
rather than Outlook, so that makes it a very difficult one to solve.

I'll hopefully have time to look at this more time-consuming Outlook
problems next week.  If you're lucky, someone will beat me to it over
(long, here) weekend.

=Tony Meyer

* Well, I've seen it occasionally, but only sporadically, which isn't

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