[Spambayes] Nice tool to use together with SpamBayes

Katz, Amir Amir_Katz at bmc.com
Fri Oct 22 19:29:45 CEST 2004

I'm using it and it's cool as Anders says. Before, I've been using SpamBayes
plug-in function 'show spam clues for current message', but it was a pain,
as it would mark the message as read and open an outgoing message which I
had to kill. Maybe the SB plug-in should have a button 'invoke Pocketknife
Peek' on current message (or a customizable action which can invoke another
Outlook command)


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Hello All SB users!

I just want to recommend a tool which I use together with SpamBayes. It's
called PocketKnife Peek and makes it possible to view mail without using
Outlook's viewer. This means that there is no risk for auto starting virus
or other things. It also shows all headers and ...

It will work for Outlook 2000 and later.
PocketKnife Peek is free for personal use. 

You'll find it here:

// Anders
PS! I'm not affiliated with the makers of PocketKnife Peek. I'm just a happy

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