[Spambayes] Filtering

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Wed Oct 27 03:10:15 CEST 2004

> Bayes database initialized with 7783 spam and 92 good messages

This isn't the problem, but may cause you problems.  SpamBayes works best
with roughly equal numbers of ham and spam.  Ratios of 4::1 and so on aren't
really a problem, but you have 85::1!  It would be worth retraining from
scratch (via the Training tab of the SpamBayes Manager) with just a few
messages of each type, and then doing "mistake based training" (i.e. just
use the "Delete as spam" and "Recover from spam" buttons to train on any
mistakes and anything in the unsure/possible junk folder.

> SpamBayes: Watching for new messages in folder  Top of 
> Information Store

This probably is the problem.  It reads like you're trying to filter the top
of the information store rather than the Inbox (SpamBayes shouldn't have let
you select that, really - are you using version 1.0?).  In the Filtering tab
of the SpamBayes Manager, click the Browse button at the top right and
select the folder(s) that receive mail (e.g. the Inbox).  That should fix
the problem.


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