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I'm new to spambayes

- I've been using Outlook 2003 for quite some time. So I have a list of
Junk mailer addresses(block senders) in Outlook. Should I transfer these
to Spam bayes. 

- How ?

>> You can't. SB does not support blacklists and white lists. See FAQ 6.6

>> You should however train SB on the mails from those spammers.

- When I click on existing Spam (filtered by Outlook), and check spam %
in spambayes I get spam levels of 95% etc. How to increase spam % to
100% ? - for any given mail ?

>> Why? Just train SB on it

- Is there an international spam, blocked list ? If so URL please. Even
if this is only a recommended list, please give URL

>> Spamhaus project is one place to look, I'm sure there are others.
However, since the sophisticated spammers forge their from addresses,
blacklists are pretty much useless these days.

Very important : How to delete spam from the POP3 server ? to save bandwidth

>> SB can't do that. I think you need POPFile for that. Check
Sourceforge.net for other spam-fighting projects.


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