[Spambayes] Crash in spambayes on startup on AMD64

Mark Hanson markh at intersystems.com
Thu Sep 2 18:43:02 CEST 2004

I installed spambayes on a fresh install of Windows XP service pack 2 with
Outlook 2003. The computer is a HP Pavilion zv5000z with an AMD64 Althlon
processor. The version of spambayes is v1.0 rc2.

When I start Outlook it immediately crashes and then disables spambayes. The
only log file I could find was 'outlook logging\firstrun.log' and its
contents is:

*** Starting First Run (09-02-2004 06:01:55) ***
...HrPreSplashFirstRun called.
...HrPreLogFirstRun called.
...updating profiles for MAPI.
...HrImportAccounts() called: PrimaryClient == 4,
                              fForceIMEP == 1,
...doing silent account import.
...HrPostLogFirstRun called.
...registering forms.
..... FCheckFirstRunStatus failed reading machine value "17019"!
...forcing FirstRun Balloon to On.
...calling S+ import.
...starting SRS import.
  No OST configured.
  SRS import result: 00000001
...deleting WAB4/UseOutlook because we're using MAPI.
...writing UUID to HKCU.
...setting Primary Client to Outlook.
*** Ending First Run (09-02-2004 06:03:20) ***

I sse that FCheckFirstRunStatus reports a failure. Does anyone know how to
work around this, on my other laptop spambayes with the same version of
outlook, Windows XP service pack 2 and spambayes runs fine.



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