[Spambayes] Nervous, Apprehensive, and Clueless

Kenny Pitt kennypitt at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 2 20:14:47 CEST 2004

Palmer, Ed wrote:
> I have a major problem.  SpamBayes had been moving my Inbox messages
> into Junk Email Suspects, where I'd then have an opportunity to
> "train it."  Now it's still moving the messages out of my Inbox, but
> they're not in Junk Email Suspects or any other junk file.

FAQ 3.12 should help you find them:


> I tried
> deleting the SpanBayes Icon so I could go back to benchmark of not
> having it on my machine (then, perhaps if I'm brave enough,
> installing it again).  The icon deleted but the toolbar is still
> there, and I fear it will still eat my Inbox, sending everything off
> to NeverNever Land.        

What do you mean by "delete the SpamBayes Icon"?  If you uninstalled it from
Add/Remove Programs then SpamBayes is totally disabled and will not do
anything to your Inbox.  It is a known issue that the toolbar itself is not
removed on an uninstall, but you can do that manually.  You can read all
about this in FAQ 3.16:


If you simply deleted the SpamBayes folder from your start menu then the
SpamBayes add-in is probably still active.  You can test this by deleting
the toolbar as described in the above FAQ, then exiting and restarting
Outlook.  If the toolbar comes back then SpamBayes is still installed, and
you'll need to go to Add/Remove Programs to uninstall it.

Kenny Pitt

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