[Spambayes] add-in doesn't stay checked

Kenny Pitt kennypitt at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 3 15:20:08 CEST 2004

First, check if Outlook has disabled the add-in. Go to Help->About Microsoft
Outlook and click on the Disabled Items button. If you find SpamBayes there
then try to reenble it.
If SpamBayes isn't listed in the disabled items, or if Outlook disables it
again after you reenable it, then we'll need to see your logfiles to get a
better idea of what might be wrong. The Troubleshooting Guide has
instructions on how to find the logs. The normal place to view this would be
from the Help->Troubleshooting Guide menu item under the SpamBayes
drop-down. However, if the add-in isn't functioning then you probably won't
be able to get to this menu item, so you can look for the file
"troubleshooting.html" in your SpamBayes installation directory.
Kenny Pitt


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I checked the FAQ and bug blog area and could not find an answer, so I'm
trying emailing you directly.


I had Spambayes (1.0b1) working great for months, then the computer froze
and when I restarted it, I never could get it working again.  I've tried
uninstalling and reinstalling (1.0rc2), but the same thing happens:  In COM
Add-Ins, I can see Spambayes and I check it and hit OK, but it doesn't stay


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