[Spambayes] Exceptions in email

overbored overbored at overbored.net
Sun Sep 5 21:08:25 CEST 2004

Hi, all of a sudden I'm getting messages that have the following 

Traceback (most recent call last): .  File "sb_server.pyc", line 471, in 
onRetr .  File "spambayes\message.pyc", line 247, in setPayload .  File 
"email\Parser.pyc", line 245, in _parsebody .BoundaryError: multipart 
message with no defined boundary

I googled for this and I found some related posts to spambayes-bugs 
dating back to Jan 2003. Has this been fixed at all?

If not, is it safe to have my client classify messages with this 
exception header as spam? So far I've only noticed it in spam, but 
that's because they showed up in my inbox. I don't know if there's any 
ham exhibiting the same behavior. But if it's because of syntax that's 
very very extremely unlikely to come up in normal mail, then perhaps 
it's safe?

Thanks in advance.

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