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If you're using Outlook Express then you're reading the wrong section of the
FAQ. Section 3 is only for the Outlook Plugin, which works only with the
full version of Outlook 2000 or higher and does not apply to Outlook Express
or other mail clients using sb_server.
For Outlook Express, the spam and unsure folders are managed by the
filtering rules that you set up in OE and not by SpamBayes. You can probably
just create a new unsure folder with the same name. If that doesn't work,
you probably just need to edit your OE rule for unsure messages and reselect
the folder there.
Kenny Pitt


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3.13  : I  looked this up because I did it too,I deleted the unsure folder.
You said to open the spambayes manager  dialog than click the filtering tab.
My problem is where do I find  this spambayes manager . I have outlook
express  (S.B. version 0.6) can not find it nor do I know where to look for
it (spambayes manager) (also I have win XP PRO.if that matters) Dose someone
know where to look  ? By the way SpamBayes works great keep up the great
work thanks again for it all.  Mike
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