[Spambayes] a problem with attach

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> SpamBayes isn't a virus checker.  It won't catch viruses.  I don't know
> Stinger, but possibly you can set it up to run between your mailserver
> and SpamBayes, or between SpamBayes and your mail client?
 i 've norton av on clients , and i don't want use spambayes as a antivirus

but  i prefer have no attach in the spambayes cache directory on the server 
( neither attach contain virus , or other attach..) ...
and i don't set the program to make this!

sometimes i run on the server a free standalone antivirus called stinger 
(http://vil.nai.com/vil/stinger/) that repair or erase virus ...and i think 
the isn't a good think for the spambayes db ...

thank for the help


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