[Spambayes] I Want My Spambayes!

Kenny Pitt kennypitt at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 7 23:37:34 CEST 2004

Sounds like you've eliminated all of the usual suspects, and there is no
indication of any errors in the log info that you included. A couple of
additional things to check might be is SpamBayes filtering the same folder
that you are receiving messages into, and do you have any Outlook rules that
might be moving the messages away before SpamBayes sees them? In addition to
there not being any errors in your log, there is also no indication that
SpamBayes detected the arrival of any mail.
The Outlook error when you try to use one of the toolbar buttons is very
strange. Does it happen consistently every time you click a button?
Kenny Pitt


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There I was, living the spam-free life and then I "upgraded" to Outlook
2003.  Now I'm deluged with spam and I want my Spambayes back.  Please help
me.  I hope there's something obvious that I've failed to do that someone
will recognize.
I downloaded version Spambayes 1.0rc2.exe and installed it.  The toolbar
appeared and I dragged a couple of hundred spams into the junk mail folder.
However, when I tried to access the dropdown menu or when I try to "Delete
As Spam", Outlook locks up and and I get, "Microsoft Office has encountered
a problem and needs to close."  Outlook closes and restarts.  I am now
getting 200-600 spams a day.
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