[Spambayes] bug - fixed report

Kramer, Phillip PKramer at solarishs.org
Wed Sep 8 18:31:23 CEST 2004

I had some with SpamBayers on a windows 2K outlook 2K machine WITH ZIP MAGIC
4.  your trouble shouting guide lead me to here

Addin doesn't load
If you start Outlook but there was no error message, the SpamBayes toolbar
items do not work and new messages have no Spam score or filtering applied,
then the plugin has probably become disabled.
*	Check the log file. If a log file for this session exists, then see
if it contains an error. If not, check the date and time of the log - it is
probably a log from the last time it did work, so is no help to us. If a log
does exist, please report a bug.
*	Check that Outlook shows the addin as enabled. 
			Start Outlook, and select Tools->Options to display
the main Options dialog. 
			Select the tab labeled Other, then click on the
Advanced button. 
			Click on the COM Add-Ins button. 
			If the SpamBayes addin is not listed, then SpamBayes
should be reinstalled (Note that running regsvr32.exe outlook_addin.dll or
outlook_addin_register.exe from the SpamBayes directory may also solve this
			If the SpamBayes addin is listed but not checked,
then simply check it and close the dialog. 

I then checked the box but it unchecked after closing and reopening.  unlike
outlook 2002/3/xp outlook 2k about does not have a disabled items button in
the about dialog.  So i was stuck. 
I unload and reloaded several times and kept getting tripped when the setup
program tried to install the spambayes.zip file.  on a hunch i disabled Zip
Magic, un and reinstalled Spambayers and it worked.  i was then able to turn
zip magic back on and both work fine.

hope this helps others.  just for my egos sake let me know if you add it to
your documentation


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