[Spambayes] Outlook 2003 Junk Filter and SpamBayes

Faina, Mihail M.G.Faina at Thomson.com
Thu Sep 9 19:34:16 CEST 2004

            Any restrictions that you have to be aware when installing
SpamBayes for Outlook 2003?  I installed SpamBayes with "Junk E-Mail" and
"Junk Suspects" instead of "Spam" and "Possible Spam" and all my e-mail went
straight into "Junk E-Mail" folder although my Junk Filter was set to "No
Automatic Filtering". I have been told that I should uninstall SpamBayes and
reinstalled with "Spam" and "Possible Spam" folders. It seems that is

Anybody here had this experience?  I just don't like the Outlook Junk Filter
- not trainable, you can't select more than one message as "Not Junk", etc,

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