[Spambayes] Some details that could be better

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Wed Sep 15 06:35:39 CEST 2004

> > I have made a special rule for this; but it might be worth 
> > considering adding an option to customize the notation, ie.
> > when SpamBayes sees the message as spam, it notates to 
> > "Qedko421805AQ" for example instead of "spam".
> This can be done with manual editing of the SpamBayes 
> configuration files. If the above change doesn't help you, 
> let the list know and we can give you details on the settings 
> to change if you want a different prefix.

A (somewhat belated) additional note:

There's a bug in the 1.0.x releases that means that although you can change
the classification names (e.g. "spam" to "Qedko421805AQ"), the
notate_subject and notate_to options will fail to work correctly.  This will
be fixed in the first 1.1 release (i.e. 1.1a1), and IIRC is already fixed in
CVS, if you run from source.

However, if you include the trailing comma, and use notate_to rather than
notate_subject, problems should be rare (at least, I don't recall ever
seeing an email address with a comma, let alone one with 'spam,' in it).

=Tony Meyer

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