[Spambayes] Using sb_upload.py

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Wed Sep 15 08:50:24 CEST 2004

> The last thing I need to do is to actually run the training 
> program. sb_upload.py looks like it ought to be the right 
> thing, but I'm slightly puzzled by the code.
> When I run it all it appears to do is dump the message on 
> stdout. It sends the message to the server (I've sniffed the 
> packets), and drops the message into my unknown cache, but I 
> can't work out how to make it actually train on the message. 
> Is it possible?
> What is sb_upload.py really for?

It is for exactly what you've described - putting the message into the
unknown cache.  Then you can use the web interface to train it, manually.

If you want a script to train a message, then I think sb_[bn]filter can do
this, and maybe sb_mboxtrain?

> P.S. Whilst poking around I noticed that the docstring says 
> that it's for uploading "to a web browser" (i.e. it should 
> say "server")

I'll change the docstring to be clearer about what the script is doing.

> and that the -n option doesn't work (easily 
> fixed by guarding the sys.stdout.write call with "if not null:").

I'll fix that, too; thanks.

=Tony Meyer

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