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Thu Sep 16 21:04:51 CEST 2004

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This is a generated message.

Because of the extremly high ammount of virii being auto sent from infected servers we've had to change the way we handle replies. 

If you have not sent e-mail to Sex 4 Nothing, we STRONGLY recommend that you scan or install virus software. You can instantly scan your machine by going to http://housecall.antivirus.com or install free virus software at http://www.grisoft.com (much better choice). 

If you are attempting to remove yourself, there are three methods you can use. 

1) Click the remove link in the white box of the e-mail sent to you then click the confirm button. If you do not have a white box at the bottom of the e-mail, we did not send it to you. 

2) Goto: http://www.adultfreely.com/remove/ and enter the e-mail address your message was sent to. 

This last option is the slowest method and you must have the original address the e-mail was sent to. Without it there is no way to accuratly remove you. 

3) E-Mail (can just be a forward of the e-mail sent to you) support at adultfreely.com 

Your e-mail will not reach a human unless you e-mail support at adultfreely.com

Thank you!

Sex 4 Nothing Support

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