[Spambayes] Compatibility problem with JoiExpress

C Stephan coffent at bigfoot.com
Sat Sep 18 03:21:12 CEST 2004

My ISP (Access4Less) offered a download accelerator called JoiExpress, 
(http://www.myjoi.net/support/Faq/JoiExpress.htm) which I recently 
installed.  SpamBayes was working well before.  Since installing 
JoiExpress, SpamBayes continues to filter my mail, but when I try to Review 
Messages, View Information, or Configure, Internet Explorer returns a 
screen saying "Cannot find server", where the address listed is (e.g.) 
http://localhost:8880/config.  JoiExpress uses 8080 as its port number by 
default.  I tried changing the JoiExpress and Internet Explorer ports to 
8081 to see if that would help, but it did not.  If I stop JoiExpress from 
running, then SpamBayes is able to open the configuration, etc. pages 
ok.  Can you offer any advice on how to resolve this conflict?


Craig Stephan

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