[Spambayes] Uninstall problems

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Mon Sep 20 07:38:06 CEST 2004

> I look after a machine (XP Pro) on which I would like to 
> update the Outlook plug-in rc1 to rc2. However, after the 
> outlook plug-in was installed (rc1) the pop3 version was also 
> installed (rc1) and both worked great, the plug-in for 
> Outlook and the pop3 version for Outlook Express. 
> Unfortunately there was only one entry in the Add/Remove 
> programs list and as expected this removed the pop3 version, 
> the last one installed.

For future reference, you can just tick both boxes in the installer, so that
it refers to both.  There isn't really a way to uninstall just one of them.

> So my question is, how do I manually 
> remove the Outlook Plug-in so that I can install Outlook 
> Plug-in rc2? Is it just a question of deleting the Spambayes 
> folder and deleting all registry entries referring to 
> Spambayes? Then install rc2..

You could do this, but the easiest thing would be to simply install 1.0rc2
over the top of 1.0rc1.  There should be no problems with doing that.

=Tony Meyer

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