[Spambayes] False Positives

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Mon Sep 20 08:04:47 CEST 2004

> Spambayes was doing very well until recently when it started 
> to send to the Spam Email  about 1/4 of the email from an 
> email list. I thought that this was something easily 
> correctable and as soon as I noticed it, I started clicking 
> on the "this is not spam" menu each time I noticed the 
> false-P listed in the Spam Email folder. It used to identify 
> all the email lists well

FAQ 4.7 addresses this:


Basically, we can only explain why a message scored what it did if we see
the clues from that message (before training).

To guess, maybe you accidentally trained a good message from that list as
spam?  Or maybe you trained a spam from that list, but have never needed to
train ham from that list as spam before?

> I am also trying to remove my CS2K/Inbox as I hardly ever 
> receive any email there and when I do, 100% is SPAM free. I 
> can't find a way. I have re-set configuration, and clicked on 
> "filter messages".

By "remove" do you mean stop SpamBayes from filtering it?  If so, then open
up the SpamBayes Manager dialog from the SpamBayes button on the toolbar,
and click the Filtering tab.  Click the Browse button at the top right, and
untick the box next to that folder.  Click OK and Close, and that should be

=Tony Meyer

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