[Spambayes] Re: Windows Service Shuts Down Always

blakemail at gmx.net "blakemail at gmx.net" at smtp.hispeed.ch
Mon Sep 20 17:27:03 CEST 2004

Hi Tony,

I've got exactly the same problem. I used the win binary installer
(1.0) and at first spambayes was running, according to the tray app. I
didn't try to access the configuration page though. I then installed
the service and it showed up in the list. I went on to change the
service to be run as 'me' (doesn't work as local system either). Since
then, whenever I try to start it, it terminates again, immediately.
That's the message in syslog (there's a bit of German in there I'm

The pop3proxy service failed with an unexpected error

Traceback (most recent call last):
   File "pop3proxy_service.pyc", line 171, in ServerThread
   File "sb_server.pyc", line 892, in start
   File "sb_server.pyc", line 870, in main
   File "spambayes\ProxyUI.pyc", line 154, in __init__
   File "spambayes\UserInterface.pyc", line 269, in __init__
   File "spambayes\UserInterface.pyc", line 137, in __init__
   File "spambayes\UserInterface.pyc", line 255, in readUIResources
   File "spambayes\resources\__init__.pyc", line 30, in ?
   File "resourcepackage\package.pyc", line 100, in scan
WindowsError: [Errno 3] Das System kann den angegebenen Pfad nicht

I did find this very error in the mailing list archive, but it was
from Dec 03 and related to a test version of the installation binary.

Cheers, Lukas

> [It doesn't appear that this messages to spambayes at python.org has been
> answered yet - sorry about that! I've been away and so are catching up with
> the messages. Please ignore if I'm wrong and this has been resolved
> already.]
>> The first time it was installed it worked flawlessly.  Later 
>> I ran the SpamBayes Tray Icon and then Exited from that.
>> After that the Service had stopped.  And when I try to start it the 
>> service starts and then abruptly stops almost immediately.  I 
>> "removed" the service and reinstalled it with the same result - it
>> stops after starting.
>> Now I cannot get the Service to stay "started."  I can, 
>> however, still run the SpamBayes Tray Icon as a workaround.
>> Please let me know how to fix the Service problem.
> Could you run "python pop3proxy_service.py debug" (in the appropriate
> directory) and let us know what the output is?  It ought to print out some
> sort of error wherever it's choking.  (Alternatively, this error should also
> be in the log file).
> =Tony Meyer

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