[Spambayes] False Positives

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Wed Sep 22 08:31:47 CEST 2004

> The problem is simple: I receive about 75-100 messages daily 
> from 3 private mail lists. Of those, about 5% are moved to 
> the junk-email by SB, while the rest are moved by Outlook 
> 2003 to their designated folders.
> I am attaching 1 of the SPAM Dues from the email list 
> (trimmed down). Please understand that I cannot post them public.

The relevant bit (in this case) is this:

Subject: Spam Clues: Re: SP1 lifespan???

Attachments: Original Message

Combined Score: 0% (0)
Internal ham score (*H*): 1
Internal spam score (*S*): 0

# ham trained on: 718
# spam trained on: 687

Was this definitely from the message before any training was done on it?
(i.e. before it was moved out of the junk mail folder).  It scored a very
definite ham (0% - you can't get more definite), and so should not be being
moved (so the problem is not one of scoring, at least so it appears).

When these messages appear in your junk folder, what appears in your log
file?  (You can read the log file by going into the SpamBayes Manager dialog
and selecting the Advanced tab, then Diagnostics).

There should be an entry that looks like:

Message 'They were all alone at one time too' in 'Mailbox - Meyer,
Tony/Inbox' had a Spam classification of 'Yes'

(but with a different subject and mailbox, obviously - one entry for each

There should also be log entries for the other entries that are not moved
(but with 'No' at the end).  Are these there?

=Tony Meyer

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