[Spambayes] getting rid of the spambayes toolbar in outlook

nikolaus von bomhard nvb at bomhard.de
Wed Sep 22 11:52:36 CEST 2004

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|   toolbar in outlook
|   > There is only one minor issue with Outlook (2k and XP). 
|   Hiding the 
|   > Spambayes toolbar doesn't work. After restarting Outlook 
|   the toolbar 
|   > reappears.
|   I suspect (although I am not 100%) that this is because the 
|   toolbar is being recreated.  In your log, do you get one of 
|   these entries every time you start up?

Thats the point.

|   If this is the case, you could open a bug report (I don't 
|   think there's an open one) about this on sourceforge: 
|   <http://sf.net/projects/spambayes>,
|   indicating why the recreation is a problem.  For the 
|   moment, Mark's opinion is that since we just silently 
|   recreate it, there's no harm, so no point solving whatever 
|   causes this.

I do not think it is a real bug rather than a feature. However a option or
rgistri/inf/conf whatever switch to prevent auto toolbar recreation would be

|   > So you allways have 2 toolbars at least though one is enough.
|   Is there anything wrong with having two toolbars?  I would 
|   think that the DeleteAs/RecoverFrom buttons are used often 
|   enough that having to unhide a toolbar to get to them would 
|   be less efficient.  You only lose about 5 pixels or so in 
|   space (for the little separator line), assuming that you 
|   put it next to an existing toolbar.

Yes there is. I only use the non removable menue bar and have moved all
neccessary icons there. I also moved all menue entries as subentries to a
new menue item 'menue'. Coming from old Acorn Archimedes I never understood
the use of a menue bar instead of a unfolding menue. Unfortunately - this is
an issue with Outlook as other M$ Office apps support this - it is not
possible to place a second toolbar next to the default menue. So I have a
second toolbar for Spambayes only.

And the Spambayes icons are movable to another toolbar, even if it is the
default menue. However it is not possible to move the whole Spambayes menue
or to hide it at least.


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