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Kenny Pitt kennypitt at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 23 23:00:04 CEST 2004

The "Incremental Training" options are located in the SpamBayes Manager on
the Training tab.  This controls whether or not a message is trained
automatically if you drag a message into or out of your spam folder.  These
options should be enabled by default.
Incremental training can also be performed using the "Delete As Spam" and
"Recover From Spam" buttons on the toolbar.  Whenever you get a spam message
in your inbox or Unsure folder, select it and click "Delete As Spam".  If
you get a good message in your Unsure or Spam folder, select it and click
"Recover From Spam".
The database should update whenever you perform the above training
operations.  You can verify that messages are getting trained by looking on
the General tab in SpamBayes Manager.  The "Training database status" box
shows the number of good messages and the number of spam messages that have
been trained.  These numbers should increase as you train additional
messages.  Note that if you do not explicitly train on some messages then
the database will not update.  SpamBayes never trains automatically in the
Outlook Add-in version.
You do not need to keep e-mails from your junk folder.  The training data is
kept in a separate file.  See FAQ 3.17:
If you are using any of the incremental training methods above then there
should be no need to manually train on the entire contents of your spam
folder.  In fact, doing so could potentially reduce the effectiveness of the
SpamBayes filter (for mathematical reasons that I won't go into <wink>).
Kenny Pitt


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I started to use Spambayes this morning, It catches some spam but I don't
really know if it updates the database because the databases (modified) time
don't change.

Also I don't find the Incremental Training, where is it? 
How long I have to keep emails in junk folder? Do I need to run Training
every week before I delete those junk emails? 


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