[Spambayes] Bug in spambayes

Harmen Mak harmen.mak at zonnet.nl
Sat Sep 25 16:12:13 CEST 2004


I've tried using spambayes with MS outlook and it works great. But, sometimes
when I startup outlook it hangs after recieving the first mail (which is no
spam). The task manager is giving "MS outlook (not responding)" a very well
known message from MS.
When I restart outlook it works fine again, and spam mail is send to the "Junk
Email" folder.

Perhaps you can look in to it.

And yes I know, the resolution of this all is to use linux and throw away MS,
but other people in my house would not appreciate that solution.



And good luck with the project, I'm try'ng to learn python so who knows in the


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