[Spambayes] Delete as Spam in Email dialog box

Nathan Sudds nsudds at arkitekture.com
Sun Sep 26 00:30:35 CEST 2004

I have been wondering this for a while now. but it just got to the point
where I was thinking maybe someone might be able to help with the answer. 


I'm using a great Outlook Addon program called Nelson Email Organizer
(here's the link http://www.caelo.com/a/rl.php3?i=A963D )

It's a beautiful program that sorts mail dynamically and really cuts down on
the annoyance of loads of email. I have a 30,000 message Outlook store and
it has really helped to tame it!  With this program and SpamBayes I've
really been less stressed by email. my concern now is that because I'm going
through my email via this add on interface instead of Outlook directly, I
don't have a toolbar for SpamBayes so I can't just click "delete as spam"
when I find that odd message that for some reason didn't get caught. I was
thinking if there was a way to include this button into the actually Email
Message window, I could just double click on the email open it and say
"delete as spam" and. problem solved.


Any chance this would work?  I'm thinking it would be great even for outlook
users to just open an email. notice it's spam and then hit DELETE AS SPAM
rather than closing the window then clicking delete as spam.  Just a thought
and it would be a great help to me!  


Check out NEO for more details on how it works, great program and it's not
expensive http://www.caelo.com/a/rl.php3?i=A963D


Hope someone can help!


Have a great rest of the day



nsudds at arkitekture.com

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