[Spambayes] Update Python

Kenny Pitt kennypitt at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 27 17:32:51 CEST 2004

Tsombakos, John wrote:
> I wanted to update Python that Spambayes uses, from whatever version
> it comes with to the latest. I had downloaded the Python installer
> and ran it, but I'm pretty sure that didn't affect the runtime
> version that Spambayes uses. How do I get SB to use a newer version
> of Python?    

If you're running SpamBayes from the binary installer then it isn't possible
to change the version of Python.  To use a different version of Python,
you'll need to run SpamBayes from the source code.  There are some
instructions for running from source buried somewhere in this doc:


There is one additional command that you'll need to run if you want the
Outlook plugin, and I don't believe it is specified in this doc.  Just go to
the Outlook2000 subdirectory where you extracted the source, and run the
following command:

    python addin.py --register

This will register the source version of the Outlook addin with COM and
Outlook, replacing the references to the binary version.

You'll probably want to uninstall the binary *before* you do any of this.
Uninstalling it after will remove the addin information for the source
version as well.  You should be able to fix that just by re-running the
register command above, though.

Kenny Pitt

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