[Spambayes] Spambayes being too aggressive

Jesse Pelton jsp at PKC.com
Tue Sep 28 14:29:05 CEST 2004

Are you sure SpamBayes is responsible for moving the messages? If
there's no "Recover From Spam" button, it's probably because SpamBayes
didn't classify the message of spam. Your mail server may have moved the
message there if it's a recent version of MS Exchange, which can be set
up to do its own filtering. As far as I know, you can't defeat that
unless you have control of the server.
Since I can't stop my company's Exchange server from filtering messages,
I found it helpful to set up "Spam" and "Spam candidates" folders in
addition to Outlook's "Junk E-mail" and "Junk E-mail candidates"
folders. I have SpamBayes filter messages in my "Inbox", "Junk E-mail",
and "Junk E-mail candidates" folders and move messages to "Spam" and
"Spam candidates" as appropriate. If anything remains in one of the
"Junk" folders, it's because Exchange classified it as Junk, but
SpamBayes thought it was OK. (SpamBayes is almost always right about
such messages, or I wouldn't bother.)


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	I'm sorry but I don't see a "Recover from spam" button on my
Outlook toolbar....your message got sent to the deleted items file too.
	Dave S.

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		Assuming you're using the Outlook plugin, select the
message(s) in question and click the "Recover From Spam" button on the
Outlook toolbar. This lets SpamBayes know it got it wrong, and it'll do
better next time.


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			How do I control the aggressiveness...several of
my vendors messages are are being deleted before I see them.
			Thank you
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