[Spambayes] Spambayes stopped working?

Ian Wigle iwigle at rogers.com
Wed Sep 29 01:40:58 CEST 2004

Thanks, Richie. I tried that, and got more information.

Although I couldn't tell whether Black Ice was blocking the port, I used the
"netstat -a" command to establish that port 8880, and also pop3 and smtp
were only open when  Spambayes was running. However, localhost:8880 is still
not found when I try to load the configuration page, or the home page.

So Spambayes can open 8880, but localhost:8880 isn't found by Explorer to
load the homepage.

Does this suggest anything to anyone?

I did the re-install of Spambayes. Are there any files that wouldn't be
overwritten during the reinstall, which could be still damaged? Perhaps I
should delete anything Spambayes might have installed, and re-install from
scratch?  I believe this is an interpreted file, rather than compiled when
run against Outlook express. Does this suggest uninstalling/re-installing
Python? Are there any network or TCP/IP settings I should be checking here?

Am I missing any obvious trouble-shooting steps?

Thanks all for any feedback.

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> [Ian]
> > When attempting to load HTTP://localhost:8880, I receive HTTP error 500
> > [...]
> > Black Ice firewall v3.6.cnr. Come to think, that was also a recent
> Is it possible that the firewall is blocking port 8880?  Look at the
> firewall configuration and try opening up port 8880.  I don't use Black
> Ice myself, so I can't help with the specifics.
> If that doesn't help, type the command "netstat -a" at the DOS prompt,
> with and without SpamBayes running.  That will tell you which ports are
> open, and so will tell you whether SpamBayes is successfully opening port
> 8880 and whether there's another process using it.
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