[Spambayes] ANNOUNCE: SpamBayes release 1.0

Paul Michali pcm at cisco.com
Wed Sep 29 13:28:17 CEST 2004

Great tool Tony! Thanks for all the effort on this!
For the IMAP version, is there any plans to add a retry
mechanism to the server login?

I had to hack the version I have so that, if the IMAP
login fails, it will just skip and at the next time
around, try to login again to read mail. Previously,
it would work for a few hours and then, one of the
login attempts would fail and spambayes would exit.

Also, does V1.0 have the ability to specify the folder
to move HAM into? I had also hacked my version so that
SPAM is placed in one folder and HAM in another. Then,
instead of reading my inbox, which has yet to be
processed mail, I just read what is in the HAM folder.

Thanks again for such a useful program!

PCM @ WORK (Paul Michali)

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