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Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Thu Sep 30 03:23:24 CEST 2004

> Spambayes is running great, however, one thing that has
> bugged me since I installed SpamBayes is that somehow 
> the preview window in my inbox message folder for microsoft
> Outlook 2000 in swedish gets reactivated now and then.
> It might be a prank from my 'friends' ;), but who knows..
> it might also have something to do with the installation of
> spambayes? Is there any connection?

SpamBayes doesn't have anything to do with the preview pane at all, so I
can't think of any possible way that it might be related.  The most likely
cause (based on your email) is that someone else is turning it on, and the
second most likely is that Outlook itself is resetting it (it tends to do
odd things like that).

You can try uninstalling SpamBayes temporarily, and check if it stops
happening (if you then reinstall, you won't lose any training or
configuration data), but it is extremely unlikely.

=Tony Meyer

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