[Spambayes] Question about the ratio of Spam to Ham you should train on...

Furrh, Andrew afurrh at bumail.bradley.edu
Thu Sep 30 22:42:17 CEST 2004

Sorry if this is asked all the time, but I couldn't figure it out from
the FAQs.  I know you're supposed to train Spambayes on a roughly equal
amount of Spam and Ham.  Does that mean you should try to train on one
new Ham for every Spam you train, even if all your Ham is already being
correctly identified by Spambayes?
I get VASTLY more Spam than good mail, and in the last month of using
Spambayes I've ended up training on over 200 spams, and only 33 hams.  I
started out trying to keep the numbers equal, but there's no way I can
do that without training on Ham that Spambayes already easily classifies
I'm using the Outlook plug-in if that matters.  Overall Spambayes is
doing a good job.  It don't think it's ever classified any Ham as Spam,
which is really the best thing about it to me. But I still end up with
maybe 10 spams a day Spambayes marks as junk suspects.

Thanks for any clarification you guys can give me!

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