[Spambayes] Spambayes POP3 Proxy 1.0.4 with IMAP Servers

Greg Nicolae greg.1013 at freenet.de
Thu Dec 1 00:05:01 CET 2005

Dear Sirs,

I tryed to install POP3 Proxy under WinXP SP2 ENG according with the .ini file connecting to an IMAP server. Changed the incomming server for Outlook Express to local host. Connection to server can not be established. 
Viewing data are as below, but the IMAP port of mx.freenet.de is 993 not 110. 

      POP3 proxy running on 993, proxying to mx.freenet.de:110. 
      Active POP3 conversations: 0.
      POP3 conversations this session: 0.
      Emails classified this session: 0 spam, 0 ham, 0 unsure.
      Total emails trained: Spam: 0 Ham: 0

      Connection to a MS Exchange Server (over VPN ) showed also Port 110 as the port of the server. 

      Who  can give me a hint? Thks!



greg.1013 at freenet.de
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