[Spambayes] Please Help me

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Thu Dec 1 23:24:39 CET 2005

>>>  I tried a few things in the trouble shooting guide and the tool  
>>> bar info disappeared.
>> It [toolbar] isn't there. Tried that. I can't figure out where it  
>> went. Though it was the suggestion in the trouble shooting guide  
>> when have probmlems to delete it, I figured when I reinstalled it  
>> would reappear. Man what a mess I've made.
> Random "drags" can wreak a lot of havoc in Outlook. Maybe she's  
> managed to push the Spambayes toolbar out of the visible part of  
> the window. I guess that's consistent with the fact that  
> reinstalling doesn't help. Presumably the second installation would  
> simply overwrite the previous toolbar in place. If the old one  
> wasn't visible, the new one wouldn't be either.

However, one of the suggestions in the troubleshooting guide is to  
delete outcmd.dat, which AFAIK completely resets all Outlook  
toolbars, so that should have fixed it if this was the case.  Sandy:  
was that one of the things in the troubleshooting guide you tried?   
If not, it would be worth trying.

(I think, but am not sure, that simply deleting the SpamBayes  
toolbar, which is also in the troubleshooting guide, and having  
SpamBayes recreate it next time Outlook launches, would also reset  


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