[Spambayes] Outlooks quits until I uninstall and reisntall Spambayes

Shirley Starke sstarke at valleycity.net
Sun Dec 4 05:36:14 CET 2005

I LOVE Spambayes - it really is accurate and gets rid of the spam. I
couldn't use email without it.

Frorm time to time, Outlook quits working - it won't respond and has to be
shut down with ctrl alt del, and sometimes Windows won't shut down either.
The fix for this seems to be to uninstall Spambayes, after which it works
again, get the emails on the server, and reinstall Spambayes, after which it
all works fine until the next time it quits. I have done this maybe 10
times. Is this normal? Is this happening because there is too much data in
my Spambayes database and I should configure it over?


Shirley Starke

Valkyrie Publications

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