[Spambayes] Road Runner, Calypso and Spam Bayes

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Mon Dec 5 09:26:09 CET 2005

>  I have for years used an old email client called Calypso and had
>  trained Spam Bayes to really filter out spam very well when I was  
> using
>  my old dial-up ISP (AT&T).  I have just gotten broadband (Road
>  Runner/Time Warner), and I can't seem to get spam to work with  
> this new
>  ISP.  I just use Spam Bayes to filter the incoming POP 3 messages,  
> and
>  I've configured Spam Bayes with  the correct Road Runner server name,
>  and am using the same port  I've always used (110), but is is not
>  filtering my email to my new broadband address.

So mail is getting through to Calypso, but isn't being filtered?  If  
you look at the SpamBayes review pages, does mail appear there?

In the settings in Calypso (I'm not sure where those are, sorry), is  
it still set to connect to "localhost"?  In the SpamBayes settings,  
is it set to connect to Road Runner?


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