[Spambayes] 'Recover From Spam' Option in Menu?

Coe, Bob rcoe at CambridgeMA.GOV
Mon Dec 5 23:16:29 CET 2005

This isn't an Exchange Server environment, is it? (The initial message
suggests that it isn't, but doesn't explicitly say so.) In Exchange you
can do some bizarre things with folder permissions, such as sending
messages to folders from which you're not allowed to delete them. If
Exchange *is* in use, I'd check the permissions on both the spam folder
and the folder (usually "Inbox") to which the message would be returned
if the "Not Spam" button were to be used.


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> > Thank you for the reply. The problem is that when I am in the Spam
> > the button, This is not spam, is grayed out and not usable. It's
there, but
> > it won't let me use it. I have gone through the Help sections in
> > but have not found a fix for this. It could be simple, but I am
> > it...Thanks again!!
> This is very strange.  We never disable buttons - if it's visible on  
> the toolbar, then it should be clickable.  When going through the  
> help, did you try the suggestions regarding toolbar problems in the  
> troubleshooting guide?  In particular, it suggests deleting  
> outcmd.dat - did you try that?
> =Tony.Meyer

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